The Dead Good Funerals Book

Revised 2004

By - Sue Gill and John Fox

Challenging, practical and crammed with powerful anecdotes, which will enable you to design a ceremony either for yourself, or for a loved one. Whatever your faith or belief system there's something for you here.


Thanks to the TATE Liverpool and Arts Council England, North West we launched the revised version at the TATE Liverpool in 2004.

With a completely new cover this book is much in demand. The features in the Guardian 8th March 2004 and The Times T2 as their cover story 19th March 2004 resulted in many people ringing up and requesting the book. Now with an index and the up to date information it is a tremendous resource for anyone wishing to plan their own funeral and for those who wish for something other than a church service.

Chapter Headings

1                     Introduction

2                     Today's Funeral Industry

3                     What to do when somebody dies

4                     Improvements and Alternatives

5                     Odyssey: A Personal Exploration of Attitudes of Death

6                     Other Solutions

7                     Nuts and Bolts

Sample Pages from the revised book 2004

Pages 63-66 - A Dozen ways to improve funeral arrangements at very short notice

Pages 68-71 - But what about the relatives

Pages 111-112 - Rites of Passage

Pages 175-176 - Suggested Structure for a Ceremony

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£3.50 Europe, £4.50 elsewhere.

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